Why Us? POLOTNO wedding agency in Moscow

Work experience starting from 2009.

Personal manager 24/7 with more than 7 years
of wedding planning experience.

Free consultation meeting.

Contract guarantees.

Comfortable system of planning
and recording developed by agency for a time saving

Team education: event business, history of art, building, design
and photography, business and management, marketing.

Full base of Moscow wedding specialists.

Involving regional specialists for a budget optimization.

Active work with guests and families.
We creatively involve them to the wedding program.

Free English speaking, European and USA visas.

Publications in leading European and Russian wedding blogs
— STYLEMEPRETTY, WED VIBES, MARIE CLAIRE, WEDDYWOOD, NEVESTA.MOSCOW and others. Perform as an expert on key wedding events of Moscow

We know how to optimize the clients’ budget and create a wedding on a highest level, unlike the others in Russian wedding market.

Почему выбирают свадебное агентство POLOTNO

How do we work?

Watch a short video about the way we take care of a project!

We invite you for a cup of coffee, so that we could ask each other any questions.

Fill in the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible from 10:00 till 21:00, Moscow time