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Services and prices

How much do wedding agency’s

services cost?

The fee of POLOTNO for wedding planning is
10% from the whole budget.

What will the budget be?

The budget for each wedding is individual, that is why there is no common answer for “How much does the wedding cost” question. We suggest you to look at the average prices below, so that you could see the approximate outlays of the future budget.

Location – from 300.000 rub

Traditionally, the location price includes the following: food, alcohol, banquet service. In some cases the rent is also included. The price increases depending on the amount of guests.

Decor – from 100.000 rub

Depending on type of wedding and timing, a decor can include such positions as bride’s morning, wedding ceremony, banquet, photo zones.

Photographer – from 5.000 rub per hour

Please pay attention, that for the full photoshoot a photographer needs not less than 8-10 hours of work

Videomaker – from 6.000 rub per hour

Just like a photographer, a videomaker needs to work not less than 8-10 hours to create a full movie of your wedding

Wedding host – from 60.000 rub

An intelligent wedding host with a good sense of humor, who will develop an individual scenario of your celebration considering all your preferences and wishes

DJ – from 10.000 rub

Traditionally a DJ works in one team with the wedding host and participates in developing of a program, while being responsible for its musical part..

Musicians/artists – from 10.000 rub

Depending on your preferences, a celebration can be complimented with the performance of artists or a live concert of musicians or a cover band.

Technical equipment – from 50.000 rub

This position includes technical equipment rent and installation: additional light, sound equipment for musicians, a screen and projector, etc.

Stationery – from 10.000 rub

This chapter includes wedding invitations, sitting cards and charts, banquet menu, welcome board, wish book, thank you cards, etc.

Makeup and hair – from 10.000 rub

The work of a stylist may include a few services: makeup and hair rehearsal, creating a look during the wedding morning and working during the whole wedding day for makeup and hair correction or a change of look.

Other – from 15.000 rub

This chapter includes additional positions that might be needed to create a special wedding.
It can be a ring box, wedding calligraphy set, gifts and surprises for guests, transfer organization, wedding dance lessons and rehearsals, special effects and fireworks, and many other things.

What is the agency responsible for?


The location search

After 10 years of work we’ve collected our own list of locations, which helps us to find a place for a celebration, wedding morning and photoshoot.


Concept making

We work on an individual concept of a wedding day in two directions: visual part and scenario. This includes decorating the location, communication with wedding host and DJ, artists and musicians for creating a unique program and a harmony of decoration details.


Search for wedding specialists and control of their work

We search for professionals for each part of a wedding day, record and make all paperwork carefully with each specialist, create the assignments and control every process till the very end.



Our agency will help to make your wedding unforgettable: we know how to find a choreographer for the wedding dance, we will compliment a celebration with live music and artistic show, create interesting and delicate activities, organize special effects and fireworks, etc!


Banquet menu and wedding cake

We help with menu compilation and degustation, stand-up meal and alcohol. In accordance with the wedding concept we work on a confectionary design of the wedding cake, considering its weight that depends on the amount of guests.


Wedding stationery

This position includes working on all polygraphy parts of the wedding, such as invitations and additional cards, banquet menu, sitting chart, name cards and table numbers, graphic elements of decor (welcome board, wedding calligraphy set and vows), wish book, thank you cards and etc.


Transfer and logistics

We organize transfer and logistics during the process of wedding planning and the wedding day itself. It includes delivery, couple and guests transfer, taxi, etc.


Couple and guests lookbook

Depending on a wedding style we help to create harmonious looks of a couple. It includes searching for a proper dress and suit, shoes, makeup and hairstyle, accessories and details. We also work on the looks of bridesmaids and groomsmen and create a guest dress code in accordance with the color palette and the type of a future wedding.


Wedding coordinating

We provide one or more coordinators to work on a location or in several zones. That means the control of the processes of installation and dismantling of a decor, work of all the specialists and service staff; meeting the guests, solving any problems that might occur, etc.


Important details

To compose an invitation text, write the vows and the scenario of a ceremony, find the best ideas for guest compliments, organize surprises, creatively involve relatives and friends into the process of wedding planning and many more – these are the things we are happy to be responsible for!

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