Classic Wedding Planning in Moscow. POLOTNO Agency
Организация классической свадьбы в Москве

Classic wedding planning in Moscow

Included in TOP 15 best agencies by Zankyou
White Awards 2018 finalist
Published in leading wedding magazines and blogs

Classic wedding planning in Moscow

Included in TOP 15 best agencies by Zankyou
White Awards 2018 finalist
Published in leading wedding magazines and blogs

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What makes a classic wedding special?

Classic wedding is always a good idea since classic style is relevant for all the times. White dress, natural flowers, music that is loved by all generations, traditional layered cake, elegant images and family values — these are the key elements that create wonderful memories for ages.

Портфолио классической свадьбы

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Маргарита Москалева. Полотно

«What is a classic wedding planning for POLOTNO? It is an absolute love and a chance for creativity. It is our style, our vision and philosophy in wedding planning. Classic style describes a culture of upbringing, manners, communication. Classics are all about family, love and friendship values. While planning a classic wedding, we firstly focus on a couple and their family stories, and each time we create a new, absolutely unique project. We know how to make this wedding unforgettable!»

Margarita Moskaleva, founder of POLOTNO

Classic wedding decoration

The main features of a classing wedding are naturalness, laconicism, sincerity and sensuality. Speaking of aesthetics, we believe that classic style is one of the best decisions for a wedding. We attentively watch for a decor concept to be stylish and relevant for all the times.

“Classic style is easy to create!» — that’s what many people might think, but in fact the beauty and lightness of classic decor require careful, professional and attentive work. Even one unwanted detail or wrong color can destroy the harmony of decoration. We have to choose the proper location, natural color palette and flowers, sophisticated floral compositions, and that is only a small part of the whole picture. It is also important for decor details to match the looks of bride and groom, that is why POLOTNO always helps a couple to choose a proper dress, suit, hairstyle and makeup.

Оформление классической свадьбы

For the brides

While creating your look, pay attention to a white dress with a quiet cut and give a preference to a high fabric quality and finish. Complete the image with the veil and perhaps the long train. A hair bun or wavy hairstyle along with pearls or diamonds and natural but not pale makeup will emphasize the classic style.

Невестам о классической свадьбе

For the grooms

Classic groom look traditionally refers to tuxedo or a suit with a butterfly bow tie. An ideal costume fit and cut along with high quality fabric are the cornerstone of a classic style. Fashionable haircut, stylish shoes, pocket square and cufflinks will help to make your look more sophisticated.

Женихам о классической свадьбе

We create classic weddings for you

Each wedding is unique, and each couple has its own story. During the planning we tend to get to know a couple better so that the atmosphere and a style of celebration would reflect them. We don’t know yet what will your wedding be like. But we will do our best for it to be special. With love, POLOTNO.

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Света и Паша

Our dear, beloved!

The POLOTNO team and especially Margarita!

I am writing this review, since we lack words, and maybe too little time has passed for us to realize what happened to us on 07/07/2018 to describe all our joy and gratitude to you!
You were definitely sent to us from Above, and we were convinced of this already at the first meeting: we immediately said YES! We were advised by Margarita and her agency, our friends, who several years ago also resorted to help in preparing the organization of their wedding …

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